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from mild to severe form of the disease early◆, and by reacting with a proper intervention to treat severe ca◆ses, the death rate from COVID-19 here is currently the lowest ◆in Europe." "We are sure that the future will bring even better◆ epidemic control measures, that production will gradually rest◆art, that people will return to work and that the economy will ◆recover quickly along with efficient epidemic control," Peng sa◆ik

  • liticians who lead them, ◆he said. "SF
  • erbia and China showed courage and solidarG
  • ity." Vuli◆n said that the "steel friendship" ba
  • etween China and Serbia has◆ been k
  • tested once again in the fierce battle against the coh

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d. Ambassador Chen said that the medals awarded to the Chinese◆ doctors prove Serbia's care and respect. "The epidemiological ◆situation in Serbia is getting better but the battle is still o◆ngoing. China is ready to continue its cooperation with Serbia ◆and invest e0

  • rona◆virus, and it became even stronger. Peng Zi
  • hiqiang, head of the ◆Chinese expert 9
  • medical team was awarded the "Memorial military0
  • ◆medal for outstanding contrib0
  • ution to Serbia's defense system."◆ He said that 3
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fforts into joint victory," she said. Chen said tha◆t the Chinese doctors have already spent a month in Serbia and ◆provided valuable contributions to the fight against COVID-19. ◆Thr8

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